Murals by Gary Baker

Murals by Gary Baker
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Auto Airbrush Art

For all the car enthusiasts in the world, you can't get much more personal than a mural of whatever you would like airbrushed directly on to your bonnet.

Garry has carried out many different jobs, from race cars to business vehicles, and all cars in between. He's created murals showing all kinds of animals to futuristic robots. You come up with the idea, and you can let Garry take care of the rest.

Garry can use a variety of techniques to create the perfect mural for your vehicle. If you would like a less permanent finish for your car, Garry can produce a wide range of effects using vehicle vinyl.

If you would like to get a free quotation on any ideas that you may have, please contact us.

Auto Art Mural.
Custom airbrushed mural on a Gyrocopter. Discover more about this fantastic design >>


Lion Bonnet Mural.
This was a one-of-a-kind airbrushed mural on the bonnet of a Holden, created especially for a motor enthusiast. The scene depicts a roaring lion ripping the road up.


Car Graphics.
This vehicle graphic was created using the theme of "ice". The client requested that this vehicle would have a minimal look, as it needed to remain quite corporate.

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