Murals by Gary Baker

Murals by Gary Baker
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Personal Murals

Garry Baker has worked in many private residences creating special artwork to suit the individual tastes and budget requirements of the client.

The process of creating a unique piece for your house or outside space, can be as simple or as detailed as you would prefer. Usually it will involve an initial discussion, where we will then be able to come up with a solution to suit your specific needs.

Depending on the complexity of your requirements, the overall process can be as quick as a day or as long as many weeks. But don't worry, a timescale will always be set prior to your agreement on the job, so you'll never get a surprise.

The most common personal murals that are requested are usually on garden walls, around swimming pool areas, and kids play areas. These are great, as they enhance your outside area and they always make a great talking point.

If you would like something a little smaller and have the ability to move it around, Garry also specialises in creating artwork on canvas.

Have a look at this small collection of personal murals that we have created. If you would like to get a free quotation on any ideas that you may have, please contact us.

Car Racing Mural.
Custom artwork was created for a car racing enthusiast on his garden wall.
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Beach Scene Mural.
Fabulous beach scene airbrushed on to canvas and used as pool side artwork to give a sea-side feel.

Fishing Mural.
A striking wall mural was created for a fishing enthusiast, right in his own garage. A wonderful and timeless gift from his loving wife.

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