Murals by Gary Baker

Murals by Gary Baker
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Personal Murals - "Bathurst 1000" Car Racing Wall Mural

Car Racing Wall Mural.

Whilst most artworks are pushed to meet a deadline, this job took several months which allowed for a unique development. The client was a car racing enthusiast, and wanted to blend his personal life and friends in with his love of cars. To accomplish this unique request, Garry requested photos of everyone that was needed to be incorporated into this mural. He then set about researching the Bathurst 1000 and began sketching the plans for this large outdoor wall mural.

Garry has used a blend of airbrush and hand painting techniques to create this vibrant, three dimensional look. He has managed to capture the feel of a Bathurst Car Racing event, by showing the fast racing cars to the ones that have taken a tumble, right down to the fans watching the race.

If you would like to get an exterior wall mural created for yourself or a loved one, please don't hesitate to get a free quotation on any ideas that you may have, please contact us.

If you would like something on a smaller budget, and have the ability to move it around, Garry also specialises in creating artwork on canvas.

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